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The secret of  all exceptional projects, is in most cases nothing else than consistence.

Matej Šimko

CEO & projekt manager

00421 904 244 511


To work with passion / from the heart, to be good in it and enjoy the success.
This is one of the main reasons why we founded incentive-events.
To fit everything well, it is of elementary importance to find a "common ground".
To understand the expectations, conditions and visions, to create a common plan and go for it together.

It is not just  about agreements and contracts, but about people and relationships.

It's about You and us!

Matej Šimko:
I am active in tourism since spring 2000.
My career started as a tour guide for the German travel vendor NECKERMANN Reisen. Later, as  Neckermann and Thomas Cook joined forces, I became a  team manager and led several destinations around the world.
Since 2011 I have worked with austrian travel agencies Gullivers Reisen &  Papageno Touristik. The main subjects of my work are quality management and project coordination of incentive & leisure groups .

Austria:    UNIQA headquarter & provinces, Generali headquarter, Sparkasse Baden, Wüstenrot, Reise Club Papageno, Konica-Minolta & more
Hungary: UNIQA maklers, UNIQA Top Team, Quantis, Brokernet
Slovakia : UNIQA headquarter, RENAULT headquarter
Czechia:   UNIQA headquarter
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